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What to do if someone discloses to you

A child may confide in any member of staff. It does not have to be a teacher.

Staff to whom a disclosure is made should remember:

  • Yours is a listening role. Do not interrupt the child if he or she is freely recalling a significant event. Any questions that may be needed to clarify what the child is saying, should be framed in an open manner and not lead the child in any way.
  • Make a note of the discussion, as soon as it is reasonably practical (within 24 hours) and pass on to one of the designated teachers listed. The note should record the time, date, place and people who were present, as well as what was said. This may be used in subsequent court proceedings.
  • If possible, please use the Record of Concern form.
  • Do not give any undertaking of absolute confidentiality.
  • Finally, but most importantly, inform one of the designated teachers immediately and give your notes to them. Your responsibility in terms of referring concerns ends at this point.

If you are not sure if it is a serious disclosure, always talk to one of the designated teachers. Better safe than sorry.


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