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Welcome to Courtland PTA

PTA Wonka Bar - February 21st - March 8th

Please read the flyers below for more information.

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Christmas Fair

Courtland School Bake Off 2023

Get ready to whisk up some holiday cheer at our School Christmas Bake-Off! This year, our theme is 'Celebration,' so let your creativity and baking skills shine as you craft delicious treats that capture the joy and spirit of the season, or any different celebration you wish to choose. May the best bakers win, and may the sweet taste of victory bring you the joy of the festive season!

To enter:

  • Complete the entry form and send in your £5 entry fee in an envelope with your child’s name and year group.
  • Bake 12 cupcakes (boxes will be provided)
  • Bring in entries on Friday 8th December ay 9am for judging

Good luck!

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