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Our Code

Promoting Good Behaviour

The Courtland Code

The Code states clearly the School community’s expectations of the behaviour of all its members.

Through it we aim to promote learning and work in partnership with parents to encourage children’s development as caring and responsible citizens.

The Courtland Code is regularly updated by staff.

It explains how we promote good behaviour and respond to poor behaviour.


Complaints Procedure

Children learn best when they are happy and when parents and school work together to support their development and learning. It is vital for parents to share and discuss any problems with their child’s teacher or with the Headteacher. The vast majority of problems can then be ironed out quickly and effectively.

It is our sincere hope that this happens and problems are resolved without recourse to formal procedures.

However, if parents feel that appropriate action has not been taken or that a wrong decision has been made they can make a formal complaint. Procedures for doing this are outlined in our Complaints Policy. Link to Policy Page

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