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Leavers' Art Project

At the end of Year 6, a local artist works with the pupils to produce an art project. The children are involved with the project from start to finish. They create designs and make suggestions as the artwork takes shape. The children really enjoy using different materials and are very proud of their finished creations.

Even though the pupils have left for their secondary schools, a piece of their work is always on show as a lasting memory, celebrating their time at Courtland.

Meadow Mural by Y6 2021

Our fabulous 'Meadow Mural' was created, along with a professional artist, by the Y6 2021 class. We are very proud of the children's work and wanted to be able to include the 2020 Leavers, who were unable to complete their own project due to Covid. If you look closely, you will see that the smaller balloon is dedicated to them.

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