Our Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that our School conforms with the legal guidelines laid down by Parliament and the Local Education Authority (LEA).

Together with the professionals in school we share responsibility for:

  • The school’s standards
  • Its value for money
  • Its proper management
  • Its fairness in dealing with its staff and pupils
  • Its communication with parents and the public
  • Our responsibility is for overall policy. The day-to-day business of organising children’s learning and of managing time, space, staff and resources is for the professional team led by the headteacher.

Individual governors have no power; the authority we have comes from working together as a governing body. With the professional staff at our school we try to provide the best possible education for all the children.

The governing body must ensure that in delivering its responsibilities, it promotes and safeguards the welfare of children.

Our School Governing Body consists of:

Our Head Teacher
One Teacher Governor – elected by their colleagues
One Non-Teaching / Support – Staff Governor – elected by their colleagues
Five Parent Governors – elected by parental ballot
One LA Governors – appointed by the LA, nominated by the main political parties
Three Community (Co-opted) Governors – elected by the Governors listed above, from the local community

The Governors act through a series of committees. Minutes of their meetings are available for all to read. Please ask in the school office. Additionally the Governors produce an Annual Report for Parents, which is presented for discussion at a meeting to which all Parents are warmly invited.


Our Governors


Mr Philip Wright

Philip Wright – Chair of Governors

Mr Wright is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Aldenham Foundation/School in Elstree.  He is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of both The Institute of Directors and The Institution of Engineering & Technology.  Mr Wright has over 30 years of International Business experience, both in the creation of hi-tech products and establishing new markets around the world.

He became a Governor at Courtland School in 1996 and has been Chairman since 2000; both his sons attended Courtland, Michael 1993-2000 and Stephen1998-2005 and his wife Beverley was a member of the PTA during these years.

Mr Wright recognises the importance of school governors and the crucial role they play in maintaining and developing our children’s education.  He is extremely proud to be associated with Courtland School and enjoys working with governors, staff and parents, who together, make such a difference to the success of the school and its pupils.

Mr Wright is also the Group Chairman of the 19th Hendon Scout Group, which meet every Thursday at the school. Since moving to Courtland in 2011 the Group has become increasingly successful and is made up of predominantly Courtland pupils.



Jonathan Spalter, FCA, LLB

I have been a Governor at Courtland since 2007, initially as a Parent Governor but now as a Community Governor. I have lived in Mill Hill most of my life and serving as a Governor gives me an excellent way of involving myself in the local community and in education in particular.

Professionally, I am a Chartered Accountant specialising in tax, mostly working within businesses to support compliance, minimise risk and enhance value for a range of stakeholders. I use this commercial experience within Courtland by serving on the General Purpose sub-committee which reviews budgets and financial processes.

I enjoy running, squash and tennis.


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Thomas Clarke, MA, PhD

I am a Senior Teaching Fellow at Imperial College, London with an academic background in Maths and the Sciences. I am passionate about education, and am influential in developing curriculum at Imperial College. I am also the Trustee of an educational Charity – CCPN Global.

It has been a privilege for me to be Governor at Courtland for more than 10 years since when my son attended the school. Obviously Primary School teaching is very different from that which I do myself – and in many ways more difficult. As Chair of the Curriculum Committee learning about this different and crucial area, and bringing my experience to help it, is continually interesting and challenging.

I am sure that how we educate our young children profoundly affects the society they will live in when grown up, and wholeheartedly believe that the ethos that has developed at Courtland gives the best chance for this to be what we would all want.



Robin Clark

I have been a parent governor since November 2013 and now have two children at the school.  It has been a great experience and I have learnt a lot about what it takes to run such a successful school.

I am a retailer by profession, working in blue chip organisations in their buying and selling divisions.  I use this experience to help think about the school budget and how we can use our scarce resources to their best effect.  I also have experience in managing large teams of people and am keen that we create a great working environment at Courtland.  If you ever have a question or suggestion, please feel free to contact me at



Michael Rose

I have been a Local Authority appointed Governor of Courtland School for the last 10 years. I lived in Mill Hill for over 50 years until March 2008 when I moved to Radlett. I have two adult children and four adult grandchildren, and a lifelong interest in all aspects of education.

I am a retired solicitor and was in general partnership practice until my retirement in 2004.  I have for over 10 years in the past been Chairman of a private property company with 30 disparate shareholders. I am also currently President and Compliance/Governance consultant and a member of the Executive Council of one of the local political party associations in Barnet. I was for some years a Fellow of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.  When in practice I was a seminar speaker on a variety of legal topics.

My responsibilities at Courtland include SEN Monitoring, Offsite Visits Monitoring, Deputy Chair of General Purposes Committee, and Licensing Manager for external lettings of school premises.



Andrea Pinner

I am currently studying to become a Careers Advisor and offer careers advice at a local charity for the unemployed. Prior to this I spent many years in IT, working for both large corporates and non-profit organisations.
I have been a parent governor at Courtland since November 2012. It has been fascinating to learn how a school is run and the important role that governors play in ensuring that we provide the best possible environment and education for our children. I am very proud to be a part of Courtland and see its children flourish under its care.

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Lia Pottinger

I have 2 daughters who attended the school many more years ago than I care to remember. The elder began in 1987!!

Initially I was a secretary and then treasurer of the PTA throughout their stay at the school and then became a local authority governor. I am now a community governor. Currently I have various roles on the committee including Vice Chair and chair of the staffing sub-committee.

I am a civil servant and think that the experience gained in finance and as a manager in my day job has helped me with my activities as a governor. The converse is also true. The school has changed dramatically since my daughters were pupils and as a governor I have been privileged to see many of the changes at first hand. Initially there were many challenges in learning about the roles and responsibilities of a governor – especially the many acronyms used. This has become easier but there are always new challenges to be met to ensure that we achieve the best solutions to promote the education of the pupils of the school. I was already a governor when the current mission statement was introduced. Every child can be somebody surely encapsulates everything that the staff and the governors want for every pupil.

Keith Dyall

I have been a governor of Courtland School for 35 years initially as a parent Governor having two sons at the school and subsequently as a local authority governor until the reconstitution of the governing body in 2015 when I changed to becoming a co-opted governor. During this period I was for a time vice Chair of governors. I have also been on the governing bodies of various other local primary Schools including being Chairman of some. I am currently on the Staffing and discipline committee and also advise on the building maintenance of the school.

Until retirement I was in construction management running both Building and Civil Engineering works. I am now involved a number of voluntary organisations. I am Chairman of trustees of Moat Mount outdoor centre, a trustee of the local Almshouses. I am Chairman of one of the boroughs Town Twinning Societies, Chairman and joint outings organiser of the Mill Hill Historical Society, a member of the Barnet Branch of the leukaemia research fund. Lastly I am regional chairman of Railfuture the national rail pressure group. In my spare time I am keen on Photography.

Parag Vaghjiani

Parag Vaghjiani is a UK Civil Servant, currently working on the free schools programme in the Department for Education. He joined the Courtland Primary School Governing Body as a parent governor in Spring 2016. He has had over 10 years of experience of working in central government, mainly in education, but he has also worked at No10 Downing Street and the Department for Work and Pensions. He is a maths graduate from Imperial College. He has a number of interests outside of work, including sport and travel. He is married with two young children, and his eldest child attends Courtland Primary.

Dudley Howell