Charging and remission

The Education Reform Act 1988 states that, with a few exceptions, no charges should be made for any activities during school time. The Governing Body may, however, request voluntary contributions from Parents.
The Governors have considered the issue of charging for various activities and parents will therefore be invited to contribute to the costs involved. If insufficient payments are made it will be necessary to cancel the activity.

Additionally the Governors reserve the right to enforce charges for the following:

  • board and lodging for all residential trips both in and out of School time,
  • musical instrument tuition during the school day if provided at Parents’ request,
  • non-accidental damage to school property,
  • breakages or loss of school equipment.
  • Voluntary contributions may be requested for specific craft activities.

Charges may be remitted ( i.e. waived or reduced as appropriate ) for those Parents who are in receipt of Income Support.

The Governing Body reserves the right to alter the provisions of this Policy at any time.